About Brandon Lederer

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Brandon Lederer is a Marketing Expert

Brandon was born in Farmington, Michigan and graduated from Bloomfield Hills Andover High School in 1997, a top 20 high school. Subsequently, he attended Eastern Michigan University and graduated with honors in Business Marketing and Psychology.
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Spark Plug Media President

Currently, Brandon is the president of Spark Plug Media, an online digital marketing company, which he founded in 2014 after he worked with various businesses to substantially increase their growth. Spark Plug Media develops marketing and advertising materials and places media locally and internationally.

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Brandon Lederer Wants to Help Your Business

Brandon's passion for marketing works to alleviate the marketing burden placed on business owners who take time away from running their business to try to learn ever-changing marketing trends. We'd love to help you get your marketing plan started right and get your business on track in the competitive marketplace.