• How to Avoid Mobile SEO Mistakes with Brandon Lederer

    Mobile SEO with Brandon Lederer
    A single mobile SEO mistake can lose you thousands of site visitors. As the ‘mobilegeddon’ continues to dominate the internet, you can’t afford to commit errors. This is where website design expert Brandon Lederer can help. Here’s how Brandon Lederer marketing expert can avoid mobile SEO mistakes:

    Boosting your website speed

    Website speed is the name of the game in mobile SEO. Mobile users want instant and quick results. If your website can’t keep up with such a fast-paced demand, your potential visitors will look elsewhere. As a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, Brandon Lederer will ensure that your business website is up to speed.

    Making your website mobile-friendly

    Mobile-friendliness refers to how well a website responds when viewed on a smartphone and other mobile devices. A truly responsive design will allow users to access the website across devices without missing out on any of its features. Brandon Lederer will ensure that your website has the layout, design, and optimization necessary to meet mobile standards.

    Preventing unplayable content

    Unplayable or inaccessible content is common among websites that are not optimized for mobile. You have to ensure that all multimedia content is playing across devices. If not, unplayable content will give a bad impression on your site visitors.

    Using the right mobile keywords

    Keywords are an integral part of every SEO plan. With mobile optimization, you have to consider the fact that searchers are stuck to two-thumb typing. This means that people will opt for shorter words. Also, many of them will use voice assistants. Therefore, you have to capture the potential keywords they will use under such search circumstances.

    Brandon Lederer digital marketing expert

    Choosing the right fonts

    As a social media marketing expert, Brandon Lederer knows that fonts matter. It has to be easily readable across mobile devices. You also have to pay attention to the font colors you’re using, as it can be a make-or-break part for many site visitors.

    Optimizing menu items

    Navigation menus make your website easily accessible for those who want to access specific pages. If not optimized well, you’ll be missing potential customers that are willing to avail of your service or product. It just happened that your menu items confused them or led them to a blank page. As an online digital marketing company, we ensure that your sites are optimized in every way possible.

    Monitoring 404 error logs

    The 404 errors often occur when developers created a ‘mobile only’ version of their business website. So when a site visitor tries to access a link on mobile from the desktop version, it will lead to a ‘404 not found’ page. Brandon Lederer digital marketing expert can easily monitor these logs and fix them for you.

    Testing your platforms

    One of the most overlooked parts of website maintenance is the testing phase. It’s crucial to conduct website testing as a way of putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. This process will help identify weak points, unplayable content, and unresponsive features on your website.


    Mobile SEO is an effective way to boost quality traffic on your website. If done right, your business will realize high returns and long-lasting benefits. All of this is possible with the help of SEO expert Brandon Lederer.

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