Work With Brandon Lederer

Brandon Lederer

Express Flooring

Brandon Lederer helped Express Flooring build it's household brand name. As the leading flooring company in Arizona extensive marketing knowledge and strategies were used to launch this company's notoriety. Brandon started Express Flooring with his father in 2004. By 2010 the company had grown at least 3,500 percent in a period of 5 years.
The Dreslyn Brandon Lederer

The Dreslyn

The Dreslyn is a Los Angeles-based online store that boasts style before fashion. From specialty designer clothing to accessories and home decor, The Dreslyn is unique in aesthetic and selection. Brandon Lederer created a digital marketing strategy to help The Dreslyn compete in the ever-growing fashion industry.
Brandon Lederer

Carpet Guys

Carpet Guys, an award winning flooring company in Michigan, sought out Brandon Lederer's marketing guidance. As a consultant, he gave the business feedback on their online presence and showed them how to soar to the top of search engines to reach more customers.
Brandon Lederer

Mesa Sales and Supply

Brandon Lederer helped Mesa Sales and Supply, a store that offers a wide variety of floor coverings and upholstery fabrics, reach their marketing goals so that the business owners can focus on their customers.