• SEO Strategies for 2021 with Brandon Lederer

    Brandon Lederer marketing expert
    SEO is an ever-changing field. Every single year, search engines release updates that will impact the strategy of a search engine optimization (SEO) expert. But with the help of website design expert Brandon Lederer, your business website can weather the algorithm storm.

    For 2021, the following strategies are the way to go:

    Utilize featured snippets

    Featured snippets are dubbed as the Holy Grail of search. It can win your pages the position zero in Google above authority sites. The key here is optimizing your content, so it’s more likely to show up in the snippet area. Long-term keywords, questions, and proper formatting increase your chance of being on a featured snippet.

    Boost user experience

    All aspects of SEO are tied to excellent user experience. You have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, navigable, fast loading speed, and is interactive.

    Brandon Lederer marketing expert can help you achieve all these through his tried and tested methods. By improving the appearance and functionalities of your site, your visitors will stay longer.

    Work on backlinks

    Building up your backlinks never goes out of style in SEO. It’s the very heart of an SEO campaign and necessary to establish the authority of your website.

    Since this part is technical, Brandon Lederer digital marketing expert can help you out. He will help boost backlinks to your website, so you’ll rank higher on Google searches.

    Master the EAT principle

    The EAT principle stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. These three aspects measure the website’s reputation on the web. Business websites with established EAT will rank higher on Google searches.

    For businesses in saturated markets, good reviews, public forums, and other social proof will help increase a brand’s web reputation. Our social media marketing expert can help you with this process.

    Brandon Lederer digital marketing expert

    Use multiple long-tail keywords

    Due to the recent changes in Google algorithms, there’s cut-throat competition in short-tail keywords. This is why you should utilize long-tail keywords or phrases relevant to your niche.

    This will give you a higher chance of ranking above your competitors. Also, search engines have adapted to conversational keywords in the advent of voice command applications.

    Update old content

    For 2021, it’s important to dust off your old content. You can update it with new inputs and keywords to give it more chance of ranking on Google. As an online digital marketing company, we will make this possible for you.

    Aside from updating old content, you also need to create new content. This will keep your business website timely and updated based on Google standards.

    Explore Google Passage Ranking

    Back in October 2020, Google launched the Passage Ranking. This algorithm ranks individual passages on specific web pages together with the page itself. This means that Google can pull out a portion of your content even if its entirety is discussing a different topic.


    Preparing new SEO strategies for 2021 will boost your website ranking. It will also keep your business competitive in the online field. And if you need an SEO or pay-per-click marketing (PPC) expert, don’t hesitate to contact Brandon Lederer. His expertise will secure you a top spot on search engines.

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