• Use These Brandon Lederer Tips to Improve Your Small Business

    Brandon Lederer marketing expert
    Do you have a small business you want to expand? You can use your business website as a powerful tool to reach out to your customers. Here are some tips from website design expert Brandon Lederer that you can apply to your business:

    Builds links to and on your site

    Link building is one of the major ranking factors of search engines. The more links pointing to your site, the higher your rank will be. And when your business website ranks higher, it will gain more exposure and better conversion rates.

    Make sure that you’re creating quality links from authority websites. This will establish the reputation of your business, helping you outrank your competitors even more.

    Create quality content

    Quality content is the bridge between you and your customers. It stirs conversation and engagement, which adds value to your business website. A search engine optimization (SEO) expert can help you craft content that drives traffic and conversion.

    Use the right keywords

    Brandon Lederer digital marketing expert specializes in selecting the best keywords for your business website. Choose keywords that your target audience will likely search. Adding these keywords to your post titles, metadata, and URL will be a big boost on your small business’ online standing.

    Be social

    Social media is a powerful marketing tool every small business should utilize. A social media marketing expert like Brandon Lederer can help you maximize the full potential of your accounts. You can use it to promote your business and in engaging your audience. Sprucing up your social media profiles will also help establish your brand.

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    Invest in SEO

    As an online digital marketing company, we attest to the power of search engine optimization. Having a professional like Brandon Lederer, a marketing expert, do it for you will guarantee results. In a matter of months, your small business will be enjoying the ROI even after the end of your contract with us.

    Invest in PPC

    Pay-per-click campaigns go hand-in-hand with SEO. While you wait for SEO to yield returns, you can use PPC to get instant results. This will help you secure the top spot on search engines instantly. A pay-per-click marketing (PPC) expert like Brandon Lederer will ensure that every dollar spent will have guaranteed returns.

    Measure your results

    It’s crucial to quantify the results of your SEO and PPC campaigns. Tools like SEMRush and Google Analytics will help you track traffic, bounce rate, and other metrics. You can compare this data to the conversion you recorded on your website.

    Trust the experts

    Are you at a loss in SEO? Instead of worrying about your small business marketing, you can hire Brandon Lederer to handle it for you. He will personally run your social media, PPC, SEO, and other campaigns. He can also create a website for your business if you still don’t have one.


    As a website design expert, Brandon Lederer will ensure that your online platforms are intuitive and easy to use. He will also drive traffic to your business for higher conversion rates and more sales. Brandon is your one-stop expert for everything about online marketing.

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